Ontonagon Co., Michigan, USA


Crystal System: cubic
Colour: copper-red; tarnishes to black or green in air
Lustre: metallic
Habitus: as cubic, dodecahedric, octahedral, or tetrahexahedral crystals. Filiform, herringbone, arborescent, wires, and massive.
Hardness: 2½ - 3
Fracture: hackly
Cleavage: none observed
Density: 8.93 g/cm3 
Origin and geological occurrence: in the oxidation zone of Cu deposits; in basalts and sedimentary rocks.
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s21 1.6 COPPER

1.6 Copper
Massive aggregate, coated by green malachite.

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1.7 s22 COPPER

1.7 Copper
Thin lamina of native copper, surficially tarnished.

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