Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania


Crystal System: hexagonal
Colour: iron black to steel-grey
Lustre: sub-metallic
Habitus: hexagonal platy
Hardness: 1 - 2
Fracture:  micaceous
Cleavage: perfect {0001}
Density: 2.26 g/cm3 
Origin and geological occurrence: formed by metamorphism of sedimentary carbonaceous material, by the reduction of carbon compounds. It may be an accessory mineral in igneous rocks. Graphite is one of the polymorphs of C. 


1.2 s17 GRAFITE

1.? Graphite


#native elements

1.3 grafite

1.2 Graphite

Massive graphite with well developed {0001} cleavage. 

#native elements