Collezioni Monti Pisani

Monti Pisani


An educational collection of Monti Pisani lithologies is stored, visible and available for studies at the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Pisa. The description and photographic images of the lithologies can be consulted in the attached supplement (Supplementary S1) and is also available on the page serie-a-anno-2021.html.

Samples were collected in well-exposed and accessible outcrops, located along roads and/or tracks, belonging to the trekking network of Monti Pisani (

The lithostratigraphic succession of Monte Serra and Santa Maria del Giudice Units is represented by (1) Paleozoic (Cambrian and Permian) and Triassic (Ladinian to Lower Norian) siliciclastic deposits and (2) carbonate, siliciclastic and terrigenous deposits ranging in age from the Upper Trias to the Oligocene. In the Monte Serra Unit, the Mesozoic carbonate and siliciclastic formations have a reduced thickness, and the upper Cretaceous-Oligocene deposits are almost completely lacking.


For an extensive and complete description of the lithotypes refer to the monography of Rau & Tongiorgi (1974).

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